About this Website

KingdomLetters.com consists of divine revelations from Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah to His earthly servant “David” and to others, with some messages from angels. Each Letter (message) is meant for everyone to read, regardless of their denominational background. The Letters are meant for encouragement, admonishment and reminding each one of us about our duties as believers in the One God Yahweh and His Son Yeshua and the joy we have in our Messiah.

You are encouraged to read the Letters with an open mind, but also with your Bible in hand. While the committee responsible for publishing the Letters online and in print (a non-denominational body) believe that nothing in the messages are contrary to the Word of God, we encourage you to compare the Letters with the Holy Scriptures so you can make up your own mind.

A few additional words

The committee affirms, as Yeshua has stated clearly in various Letters, the fact that the Bible (Old and New Testaments) is the inspired Word of God; additionally we affirm the truths of the ancient Apostles’ Creed and the Didache.

“Yahweh” is the proper Name of God, from the Hebrew letters “YHWH.” Some translations of the Bible use “LORD” or “Jehovah.” “Yeshua” is the original Aramaic and Hebrew rendering of “Jesus.” In the Letters, our Lord refers to Himself by His Aramaic name, rather than “Jesus.” Yeshua is the name the Apostles and His other disciples called Him during His earthly ministry. It was later, when the New Testament was translated to Greek that He was given the name “Jesus.”

Any mistakes, such as typos, found in the Letters are due to technical or human error in writing the messages in type or digital format. Various translations of the Bible are used. Oftentimes when the Lord provides a message, He quotes directly from the Aramaic Old and New Testaments and Greek Septuagint; thus a translation is often required for the reader, especially for those not familiar with the original Biblical languages. If there is a mistake in translation, it is due to the translator and will be rectified when noticed. Commentary and notes are not part of the original Letters, but rather reference or study notes for the reader offered by the committee.

Concerning social media: We do not use Facebook or Twitter. The only social media platform we use is listed below. Please feel free to share the messages, but please do not change the wording. When sharing, please provide a link to the page where it was copied. Thank you.

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