Chapter 21 – 16 November 2020

1 The Word of Yeshua given to His servants David, Aaron, and Jacob.

2 Yeshua has said,

3 Give these words to My sheep.

4 My sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, your Father who sits above the heavens is pleased with those who seek after Him and His righteousness, who have proper respect for His Name and who place His Name upon them.

5 He has instructed you in His Law, in the Prophets and in the words of My teaching and those of the Apostles, which include the Didache.

6 These sacred words, and the words within the Kingdom Letters, contain life.

7 They are the words for a parched tongue, for the Living Word of My Father restores life to the soul, even with one drop of pure water.

8 Cherish the word of My Father.

9 Remain obedient to the Commandments.

10 Seek to apply all of these teachings in your life, according to your abilities in this life.