Chapter 23 – 18 November 2020

1 The Word of Yeshua given to His servants David, Jonathan, Adrian, Jacob and to the faithful congregation in Uzbekistan.

2 Yeshua has said,

3 Give these words to My sheep.

4 I did not come to teach you worldly things, materialism and how to gain control over others.

5 I did not come to remove the obligation to observe the Law of Moses, but rather to demonstrate the manner in which it is to be fulfilled.

6 The words of the prophets, also, have not been abrogated.

7 Rather, their words are the words of My Father who sits above the heavens, for you to gain knowledge concerning the future.

8 Be obedient to the Father by observing His Commandments.

9 The Torah remains for Israel and for the assembly of those who have joined Israel, while the Teaching of the Apostles, the Didache, remains for all the world, and especially for the Gentiles.

10 The Torah is a covenant with Israel in the flesh, and the Didache is a covenant with the other nations outside of Israel, those who are not Jews.

11 In these last days, the Father has given you these revelations – the Kingdom Letters, for your continued edification and knowledge of the truth.

12 Hold all of these in your hands as if they were your last coins, for these are the words of the Creator.

13 Remain faithful and I will remain with you.