Chapter 26 – 21 November 2020

1 The Word of Yeshua given to His servants Abba Charles, Jonathan, Joseph and Adam. [The revelation was originally given in 2016 and has been given each year thereafter with some variation in wording, but the central message has always been the same.]

2 Yeshua has said,

3 These words I give to you, the spiritual community known by the name Community of Yeshua. [This is a specific spiritual community which Yeshua was giving revelation. The message was intended for the Community of Yeshua, but is being shared here for the benefit of all spiritual communities.]

4 You are My sheep, I have called you out of many houses.

5 I have called you into my fold where I now shepherd you.

6 It is My will, which is the will of My Father who is above the heavens, to gather you this day as My own and for you to walk in the way in which I am teaching you.

7 Return to the worship of My brothers in the first century when I carried out a ministry in the Holy Land.

8 Those of you who are husbands and wives, those who have children, and those who are not married, gather in homes as spiritual families on the seventh day to read Torah which was given to Moses by my Father for My Jewish brothers and sisters; and on the first day read the Didache which was given to My brother James and the other apostles by Myself for the Gentiles who serve the Father.

9 Pray each day from the Scriptures, use the Psalms as a guide, along with the various other prayers from the written Word of Your Father and other prayers which are found scripturally acceptable.

10 I have called you to be My people.

11 In this era you are called Yeshua’s Followers.

12 In this sense you are Messianic.

13 You are both Jewish and Gentile.

14 You observe the Torah and the Didache.

15 This is the day I am gathering you from the four corners of the earth and combining various covenants and expressions of faith into one community.

16 Be faithful to the Covenant.

17 Worship Yahweh your God and show kindness and love toward your neighbor.

18 I accept all into My fold regardless of their former religious background – that is, all who have a genuine desire to know My Father, are willing to learn by humbling themselves, and who walk according to what Yahweh Elohim requires of His people, and who understand that Atonement, following the Commandments: These I call My sheep, My followers.

19 This is the day of unity.

20 Walk in the words which I speak.

21 I do not speak anything that is not revealed by my Father, for I only act in accordance to His words.

22 Gather yourselves in this Covenant with one heart and one mind.

23 Take comfort that I am with you.