Chapter 27 – 30 November 2020

1 The Word of Yeshua given to His servants David, Joshua, and Andrew. [This revelation was originally given in August of 2019 to a particular spiritual community with instructions that the message was only for that community until a specific time. Instructions were then given in May of 2020 to provide the Letter again for the benefit of all spiritual communities on 30 November 2020.]

2 Yeshua has said,

3 Give these words to My beloved sheep, My faithful followers.

4 Do not be deceived by what you hear and read from secular news sources and social media.

5 The mainstream media, especially within the United States, is a tool of the evil one, causing division in your lands.

6 The propaganda being spilled forth from such sources is like vomit from the evil one’s wretched mouth.

7 The evil one divides the nations and the peoples of each nation from one another, spiritually and politically.

8 It is the evil one who spreads lies, rumors and all other forms of falsehood to create fear and panic.

9 Such falsehoods also cause doubt in the minds of some of My disciples, especially among those who have become weak in their faith.

10 Do not forget the divine promises, and do not forget that My Father fulfills His promises.

11 It is written by the Prophet Isaiah, that the words of Yahweh proceeding from His mouth, shall by no means fail. [See Isaiah 55:11]

12 The coming year will be like a raging fire upon the face of the earth, with many people falling ill to a ravaging disease.

13 Do not fear, for the Father will keep His people within His hands, bringing them to His Kingdom even if they die leaving behind the physical body.

14 Be prepared, for persecution of My sheep will increase in China and in the United States by wild gangs controlled by the evil one; this trouble will increase year after year.

15 Do not store up unnecessary material objects, but instead, be practical and save what you can for the coming year.

16 My children, strengthen your hearts with what I and the messengers have been revealing to you, and what we have revealed to you in the past through the various Scriptures.

17 The Scriptures and these messages will bring comfort to you during the difficult times in your world.

18 Do not fear, for all things are in the hands of My Father who sits above the heavens.