Chapter 28 – 3 December 2020

1 The Word of Yeshua given to His servants David, Jacob and the faithful in Uzbekistan.

2 Yeshua has said,

3 Give these words to My beloved sheep and to all those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

4 Many of you have come to My fold from unbelieving or broken families, various circumstances that put your life in danger, and others from severe emotional situations.

5 I welcome all of you as My children, and I promise to heal whatever requires mending.

6 All of you are welcome in My arms; I promise to protect you.

7 Everyone needs to know the meaning of love and compassion; if only you knew what you are worth to My Father and to Me.

8 As you grow in love, let others feel My love through you.

9 Do not dwell on the old times of your life – the depressing events and the sinful actions; for I have promised to heal you and I have already forgiven you.

10 My sacrifice was not in vain; rest in my arms and remember how much I love you.

11 For those who have not yet come to My fold, there is always hope through Me.

12 Learn of My way and follow it.

13 I am with all those who love the Father and one another.

14 To know Me is to know the Father; to love Me is to follow His Commandments.