Chapter 29 – 31 January 2021

Our Lady of Uzbekistan

1 The Blessed Mother appeared in the city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan to members who were assembled on 30 January 2021.

2 Mary, the Christotokos (Mother of Christ), was dressed in a simple white robe with a blue stripe and a Star of David emblem on the upper left side of her robe.

3 The Blessed Mother said,

4 Let all praise and glory be given to the Father in heaven and to His Son Jesus Christ, whom you also know as Yeshua, and through His Messenger Izgadda.

5 You shall honor the Father and His Son and all the Father’s Messengers by being obedient to the Commandments of Moses, Yeshua and the Messengers.

6 Pray for the protection of the sheep of the Lord’s fold, for there are some have wandered in fields beyond the protective boundaries established by the Law and by Holy Tradition.

7 Pray for the reparation of the heart of my Son. His Sacred Heart is pierced daily with the sins of those who claim to follow Him, but who deny Him with their blasphemy.

8 Pray daily for the unborn, that their lives be counted as worthy by their parents and physicians. Pray that they will not be aborted.

9 Pray for true peace in the world and pray for light to come upon the governments that are reigned over by demons through certain political leaders.

10 The demons love abortions; these demons influence their followers to write and enact laws in favor of the murder of the unborn.

11 Pray for the conversion of those who do not observe the Commandments.

12 Pray for the persecuted sheep in all places of the earth. There are many sheep who worship the Father underground.

13 Remain obedient to the Commandments and the Lord will always be with you. Pray without ceasing.