Chapter 14 – 28 October 2020

1 The Word of Yeshua to His servants Priest Seraphim, Brother Petros, Priest Jacob and Brother Aaron in the colony of Mirin in Terra Nova, and to His servants Chayim bar Ya’aqub, David and His priests Jonathan of North America, Petros of South America, Shamon of Spain, and Andrew of Uzbekistan, who serve the faithful on the earth.

2 Yeshua has said,

3 Give these words to the world and to My sheep so that all who have ears to hear and eyes to see may not fall into the dark pit that awaits the unrighteous.

4 The great day of the fire is coming!

5 The fire has already been kindled.

6 Tell the people to awaken!

7 Tell them to stop indulging in immorality.

8 Tell the people to stop murdering one another and that abortion is murder.

9 The people of the world need to know that belief in the Creator is essential, and that faithfulness in a covenant with Him is required for happiness in the world to come.

10 All will see the fire and be judged.

11 None shall escape judgement on the day My Father reveals His hand.

12 In those days the granaries will run dry, and the orchards will not produce their fruit.

13 The people will cry out for food and water, but there will only be dust.

14 They will blame God and the righteous ones for their suffering, but they have never acknowledged the Father in all their lives on the earth.

15 Since they have sown only pain and anguish in the earth, that is what they shall reap and that is what they shall eat.

16 To those in China, due to your greed, your country will continue to fall with violent earthquakes; your land will rise and churn like the violent oceans.

17 To those in France and Spain, due to your negligence to keep the Commandments concerning idolatry, your land is being infested with the sons of Muhammad, who bring their diseases and cult of death with them.

18 You evil ones who are in Mexico, due to your murderous acts and disregard for the Light of the Father, your country will sink into the depths of the sea.

19 Those of you who are evil in North America, due to your practice of murdering children, you will suffer great confusion and sickness as a cloud of darkness will envelop you.

20 Those evil ones in South America, due to your uncleanness and disregard for purity, your country has fallen prey to every kind of disease and economic failure.

21 My faithful ones, wherever you reside, you must stand strong in the face of these perils and persecution, for trials are coming upon you from the world of those who do not believe in My Father or in Me.

22 The world hates My Sheep, as the world hated Me when I was ministering to its people.

23 Give comforting words to one another as brothers and sisters in My family, edifying one another in My Father’s Word.

24 You priests, do not neglect the daily reading, study and meditation on the Scriptures and these Revelations, for there is enlightenment and life in all of these.

25 You priests, do not forget to admonish My sheep that are in your care to be diligent in the Scriptures, the Traditions and the Revelations that have been given to you.

26 Those of you who are isolated, never forget that you are not alone — I am with you always.

27 My Father sends His angels and righteous spirits to comfort you in your isolation and to guide you in your ministry.

28 Each one of you, whether you meet with a group of others or are in an isolated area, are responsible for sharing the Scriptures with one another and with the world.

29 Warn all people in the world of the coming fire.

30 Love those around you as I love you.

31 Strengthen yourselves with the promises of My Father and by remaining faithful to the Scriptures.

32 All must know that anything contrary to the Word of My Father will be removed from the earth.

33 Everything that is in opposition to the Light shall be destroyed by fire.

34 The coming fire will only destroy that which does not originate with My Father.

35 The fire will reach into all of the various un-perfected worlds where there is still darkness.

36 My people, pray for strength and wisdom.

37 Never be frightened of that which you see around you.

38 You are my children; as such I ask you to remain innocent, and I will always care for your needs.

39 When you feel anxious, go to your private chamber and pray, and you shall be comforted.

40 I am available to you to guide you on the path that My Father has set before you.

41 When you have questions, you can ask My servants Priest Seraphim and Chayim bar Ya’aqub; for they reside in both the earth and in one of the upper worlds where I have made My residence during this era.

42 Seraphim, Chayim and I meet daily, and they commune with Me with your concerns and with your inquiries.

43 Ask questions of an essential nature and I will provide you with answers.

44 Remain faithful to the Father’s Commandments and to My teachings, and I will remain with you.

45 My faithful ones, receive My peace — the peace that is from the Father.

46 The Spirit of holiness is with those who do not neglect the Commandments.