Chapter 18 – 10 November 2020

(Concerning Mexico)

1 The Word of Yeshua given to His servants Priest Seraphim and Brother Aaron in Terra Nova, and to the faithful in Uzbekistan Yemen and to Brother X in Mexico.

2 Yeshua has said,

3 Give these words to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see, so they may not fall into the dark pit that awaits the unrighteous.

4 Mexico and neighboring lands, your evil acts have been witnessed by the angels and reported to the Father.

5 No unrighteous act has gone unnoticed.

6 When you petitioned the saints for Light, it was sent to you in the form of missionaries, but you rejected them.

7 You said in your heart, “Let us bring harm to them and their families.”

8 During the night you plotted to murder them.

9 On two occasions you burned their homes.

10 You said, “But we did this in the name of Santa Muerte, Saint Jude and all the saints.”*
{Our Lord used the title and name “Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte” and “San Judas Tadeo”. It has been shortened here for English readers.}

11 Blasphemous enemies of My Father!

12 How dare you use the name of the holy angel of death and My holy apostles for your nefarious purposes.

13 The ears of the holy saints have turned away from you, for they only do the will of My Father in heaven.

14 They do not listen to your petitions, because your ways are not their ways.

15 All of their acts are according to the Will of the Father who sends them into the world.

16 But you, O evil ones who prowl about the world, are cursed to drink sand for water, and your flesh will be consumed by the black widow [spider].

17 There is no help for those who continue in their murderous plans and hatred for those I send to you.

18 You have placed this curse of death upon yourselves.

19 Accept the Light of the Father or you shall sink to the bottom of the sea.

20 Repent now!