Chapter 19 – 13 November 2020

(Concerning North America)

1 The Word of Yeshua given to His servants David, Jonathan, Jacob, and to the faithful in Uzbekistan and Yemen.

2 Yeshua has said,

3 Give these words to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see, so they may not fall into the dark pit that awaits the unrighteous.

4 North America, behold! Your murderous acts have been witnessed by the Father, Myself and by the angels in heaven and by the angels on earth.

5 The heavens know of your deeds and testify against your sins.

6 Due to the laws of your land concerning abortion, a great cloud of darkness has formed above your heads.

7 This cloud will cause the guilty to run in the streets and in the hills as they see the history of their actions before their very eyes.

8 They will see the spirits of those which they murdered, and will lose their sanity.

9 The guilty will attempt to scream in horror, but there will only be silence from their mouths.

10 Those who have made laws to encourage abortion will be the first to be judged in your land, for they have profited from the sale of innocent blood.

11 All those who have contributed to the destruction of children in any form, including abortion, are considered guilty before the Great Throne in heaven.

12 All those who have supported law makers, judges and political leaders to advance the cause of abortion, either by contributing financially, or promoting their cause or by voting for such ones, are guilty before the Great Throne in heaven.

13 If you have voted for those who condone abortion, then the blood of the innocent is on your hands.

14 If you find yourself in such a situation, and you wish to receive forgiveness, you must repent, do the work of righteousness and promote the cause of life.

15 Repent now!

16 North America, your land is ready to be destroyed by the powers above because you have failed to heed My Father’s Commandments and because of the blood that is spread about the floors of your court rooms.

17 In ancient times, I made a covenant with your native ones, and again with your founding fathers, but you have attempted to destroy the ancient dwellers of the Americas, and have cast away the founding documents of the land.

18 For this you are now suffering like never before, for you have broken My covenant.

19 Those of you who continue trusting humans instead of My Father, will fall by the wayside and never see light in this life.

20 Instead of placing your trust in humans, trust in Me and My Father alone.

21 My children in North America, do not tremble when you observe your governments crumbling down because of the actions of those who follow the evil one.

22 The enemies of My Father are the weeds which invaded the good field; they have spread their seed from the field on the left to the field on the right.

23 The avenging angel will come down with a scythe and remove the rotten crops from the field.

24 As chaos unfolds around you, remember that My Father is always in control.

25 Do not trust those who have betrayed the covenant, and those who have fallen on the path of the left, even if they claim to be My servants.

26 Your source of hope should be My Father, instead of humans. It is My Father who provides for all your needs; and when He states His promises, they are always fulfilled. [Compare Psalm 146:5-7; Isaiah 55:11; KL 15:5]

27 Those who stand on the left of the Light of My Father are those who will be cast into the outer darkness where there is no light. [Compare Matthew 25:30]

28 For it has been said in ancient times: The heart of the wise is always upright and walks on the path of the right; while the foolish ones – indeed, the servants of the evil one – their hearts are rotten and walk on the path of the left. [Compare Ecclesiastes 10:2]

29 Repent and be forgiven of your transgressions, even if you have committed any of these sins.

30 If you are walking on the path of the left, repent and you can be forgiven.

31 Walk with the righteous and remain faithful to the Commandments.

32 I remain with My Remnant.