Chapter 7 – 15 September 2020

1To My servant David, give these words to My sheep and to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

2Fear not, My little ones, for the darkness shall not overcome the faithful.

3If you remain faithful in the teaching of light, you shall see your reward from My Father who sits above the heavens.

4At this time in the world, the evil one is using fear as a tactic to shake the faith of many.

5The evil one has taken hold of people in the world, instilling in them the desire to destroy those who serve My Father; however, My sheep will never succumb to the evil one, for the word of My Father is always on their tongues and their minds are on His Name.

6Strengthen yourselves in the truth, for there is life in studying the Scriptures.

7Do not hesitate to pray for guidance.

8Seek out wisdom from the elders of the faith.

9The faithful shall always be guided by the Holy Spirit.

10Proper knowledge will be granted to those who seek the light in sincerity.

11Pray for one another daily.

12Pray for all of your spiritual leaders — priests and ministers.

13Pray that the weaker ones among you are able to strengthen themselves in the Light.

14Pray for the persecuted of all those who call upon Yahweh.

15Pray for government leaders. Pray for your enemies.

16My dear sheep, take comfort in knowing that We are always with you.