Chapter 5 – 18 December 2019

1 The angel Gabriel, along with two other angels, came to Adrian, Mitch, Micah, Joshua and to the congregation of the faithful in Uzbekistan.

2 The angel said,

3 These are the words relayed to me by my Lord Yeshua the Messiah.

4 Listen with intent and do as you are instructed.

5 Yeshua has said He is aware of your trials in your country [of Uzbekistan].

6 He is aware of your faithfulness.

7 More trials are to come, but you must remain faithful.

8 Strengthen yourself in the Word of God and in the prophecies that have been revealed to you by Yeshua and various spirits from the Father’s Kingdom.

9 Yeshua has said that the Scriptures revealed by the Father, known to you as the Old Testament and New Testament, and what some refer to the Deuterocanonical books of the Old Testament, combined with the Apostles’ Creed, the Didache, the Traditions of the Assembly of His Remnant which He purchased with His own blood, and the Revelations being provided to all of the faithful Remnant — all of these are to be received and followed as the Word of God in heaven.

10 Yeshua has said, “Read the Scriptures daily. Study the Scriptures diligently.

11 Remain faithful in the Word of My Father.

12 Follow the Commandments to the best of your ability.

13 Those of you from among the Nations [Gentiles], you shall also follow the Didache, My teachings through My Apostles of the first century [A.D.] for the Nations.

14 Pray three times per day the prayer which you call the Lord’s Prayer.

15 Pray this prayer not out of the feeling of obligation, but rather with true understanding.

16 As I have said before, wherever there are two or more gathered together in My name, I am with you.

17 I am also with those individuals who are isolated in their lands who are diligent in fulfilling the Commandments and living according to My teachings and remaining faithful in the Scriptures, the Traditions and the Revelations.

18 I know of your faithfulness.

19 The angels are aware of your activities.

20 I know of your love for the Father and for Me and humanity.

21 You will be rewarded.”

22 After the angel Gabriel spoke the words of Yeshua, he said,

23 Remain faithful.

24 Take these words and live by them.

25 The Father’s hand is upon you.

26 The love of Yeshua is for you.

27 The compassion of the Spirit of Truth is with you.

28 If you remain faithful, you will be with Messiah in the World to Come.