Chapter 13 – 21 October 2020

1 The Word of Yeshua to His servants David, Jacob, Aaron, and Joshua; give these words to My sheep and to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

2 Yeshua has said,

3 Look with your spiritual eyes and your physical eyes to observe that which is present around you.

4 Your spiritual eyes are to be used for discernment.

5 The darkness that is present in the world is overwhelming many people, like briars and thorns in a field.

6 The darkness is choking out the new plants and preventing new growth.

7 Even some within My flock are falling prey to the works of the evil one.

8 Do not sit in fear of the evil around you, but stand with courage because I am with you.

9 My Father’s holy angels are surrounding you.

10 Do not permit the lies of the world to drive you from the right path, for the left path leads to the pit of death.

11 Only the righteous who are at the King’s right side, will inherit the Kingdom; while the left will be called out for what they are – a cursed and wicked people.

12 The place of the cursed is in the eternal pit of death.

13 But for the righteous who walk on the right path, their inheritance is the Kingdom of God in His light, forever and ever.

14 There are false teachers outside of My flock and who dwell within My flock who have believed the words of the lying spirits.

15 Their plans, teachings and ways are not according to the right path of My Father.

16 Quickly remove yourselves from them; do not believe their lies.

17 They have been deceived by the evil one who controls the world, and they do the works of that same evil one.

18 Such false teachers do not represent My Father or His Word, nor do they follow Me nor My teachings.

19 It is only for a little while that these false teachers will be among you; it is permitted so that you may grow stronger in your faith in My Father.

20 Strengthen yourself in His Word so that you do not fall by the wayside.

21 Strengthen others with encouraging words from the Scriptures and from the prophecies being revealed in these days through My servants.

22 Remember that even though these wolves in sheep’s clothing are around you, and attempt to influence your thinking, I am still with you and all those who follow the Commandments.

23 Do not neglect the Commandments.

24 The darkness you see in the world with the upheaval of governments and civil unrest in certain lands and cities does not originate with the Father, and is thus not a just cause, but rather is part of the evil one’s plan to stir up the emotions of those who have become intoxicated with the poison of the side of the Father’s enemies.

25 Do not follow their path.

26 Do not believe their lies.

27 They seek only unrest and violence, while My sheep seek Godly rest and peace.

28 Creation testifies of the Name of My Father and of His own righteous standards.

29 Stand in awe of His mighty works; praise His Holy Name for His constant faithfulness.

30 With your physical eyes, see Him through His creation.

31 Let your hands rise to praise Him, for great is His Name and mighty are His armies which will remove the darkness from the world.

32 Your spiritual eyes can discern this and will know this to be the truth.

33 Remember that I am always with you.