Chapter 15 – 4 November 2020

1 The Word of Yeshua given to His servants Jonathan, Jacob, and to the faithful in Uzbekistan.

2 Yeshua has said,

3 Give these words to My sheep.

4 Remember the words of the psalmist who wrote that you should not put your trust in princes, for there is no help with them. When they pass from this world to the next, their physical bodies return to the earth and their plans perish, and most people forget what they have said. They can not promise eternal life to you or eternal happiness with My Father. [Compare Psalm 146:3-4]

5 Your source of hope should be My Father, who is your Creator – it is He who provides for your needs and it is He who gives promises that are fulfilled. [Compare Psalm 146:5-7]

6 The world puts its hope in human words which is like dry grass that dies when the sun beats down upon it.

7 My dear sheep, when the world looks like it is about to cave in on itself, remember to rely on the loving hands of your Creator.

8 My little remnant, put your trust in My Father and in My teachings, and it will become easier to persevere under the hardships that are about to come upon all peoples of the earth.

9 Do not rely on the promises of humans, but instead, place your trust in My Father in heaven.

10 Love one another.

11 Forgive others on a regular basis.

12 Pray daily.

13 Give thanks to your Creator.

14 Honor the Name of the Father.

15 Share your hope with others.

16 Support the less fortunate and the lonely.

17 Stand up for the unborn.

18 Be a light to the nations.

19 Observe the Commandments.

20 Remain faithful and I will remain with you.