Chapter 10 – 4 October 2020

1 To My servant Aaron, give these words to My sheep and to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

2 Yeshua has said,

3 Those who remain faithful to My Commandments are My sheep, they are the remnant which I love.

4 Those who remain faithful to Me will remain in My heart.

5 No one can remove My sheep from the Shepherd’s fold.

6 I care for My sheep and all of their needs.

7 They are provided with what they need.

8 If there is anything that you are in need of, ask in prayer.

9 If you are in need of bread for your table, ask.

10 If you are in need of spiritual nourishment, ask for wisdom and enlightening of the eyes.

11 All of these will be given to you if you pray.

12 If your brothers and sisters are in need of anything, if you are able to provide it, do so; for they are your family.

13 Help each other in your daily trials and various needs.

14 Pray and support one another with love and compassion.

15 Let others see Me within you.