Chapter 2 – Dec. 11, 2018 (2)

1To my servant David, give these words to My sheep.

2Yeshua said, My beloved Remnant, I am pleased with those of you who continue to study my Father’s Word, the Holy Scriptures.

3The Father has shown His favor to those who continue to act according to His Will as expressed in the Scriptures.

4You, my beloved followers, are my own sheep, and I guide you through Holy Spirit, revealing to you what has been hidden and clarifying what has already been revealed.

5There is no other group holding to these truths that can be compared to my remnant followers.

6You are my children, my special people.

7There are, on the other hand, certain groups and individuals, who have failed to follow after the path of light, even after they have tasted the truths of my Father’s Word, even after miracles and signs were demonstrated to them.

8Many of these have walked away, into utter darkness, but for some others, there is still hope.

9Pray for all of these.

10The Father is not pleased with the churches and other religious groups or individual people who teach against His Word – both written scripture and revealed prophecy.

11They have set up an abomination upon the altars of their churches and have sacrificed to demons.

12Their offerings are not holy.

13Their prayers are not heard.

14Their abodes are filled with everything that is unclean.

15While praying for them, stay far away from them.

16Do not walk in their ways, for they are not of my remnant followers.

17I have sent some of you among those groups as ambassadors of light, for the purpose of assisting some who still have ears, to walk according to the divine will of the Father.

18Pray for my Father’s prophets and for my missionaries who are sheep among the serpent’s followers.

19My beloved Remnant, I give my peace to each of you who remain faithful to the Commandments.