Chapter 1 – Dec. 11, 2018

1 The word of the Father came to Aaron through the Archangel Michael.

2 He said, Aaron, beloved servant of Messiah, give these words to the sheep of Yeshua and to all those who have spiritual ears to hear.

3 A fire will come down from the Eternal Father.

4 This fire, from heaven, will be at the very face of all peoples, and will show forth their sins.

5 All people living on earth will experience this fire, which is a divine warning.

6 Those who are repentant, turning back to the Father and converting to His Way, shall not be burned, but the fire will burn and destroy those who wish to remain as willful sinners.

7 The Father knows their hearts.

8 His fire will devour those who do not turn back to the Almighty and walk in His Way.

9 Pray each day and multiple times throughout the day.

10 Make reparation where necessary.

11 Make offerings for your sins.

12 Do not stop praying for yourself, your family, your neighbors, your religious leaders and for sinners.

13 The warning comes to all people of the earth.

14 The Hand of the Almighty is upon His servants.

15 He knows those who belong to Him and they will find rest in His hands.