Chapter 3 – July 10, 2019

1 The word of the Father given to David, Aaron and Jonathan through the Archangel Michael.

2 He said, Beloved servants of Messiah, give these words to the sheep of Yeshua and to all those who have spiritual ears to hear.

3 To the beloved remnant of Messiah, I have told you of the fire, the warning of the coming searing fire that will show forth the sins of all peoples.

4 But, children of light, the Father has made a way out for those who are repentant, those who come to Him with a heart of reparation.

5 His children who cleave to the Eternal Father’s Name shall be brought into safety and they shall not be burned by the fire.

6 The punishment is reserved for the wicked, for they do not honour the Father’s Name, nor do they follow His Commandments.

7 Do not despair, for there will be ten thousand who fall by your side; they will fall into the darkness because of their unfaithfulness and unwillingness to repent before it is too late.

8 You are the Father’s remnant, the people whom the Father has given unto Messiah as His own.

9 You are Messiah’s sheep, and He shall take care of you. He knows each of you by name.

10 It has been told to you, in ancient times, that evil will not come near you, nor a plague touch your dwelling place, for it is the Eternal Father that has given orders to His fiery servants, the angels, to give protection to you, for you have put your trust in His Name. [Compare Psalm 91:9-11,14]

11 During these times of fiery trial, if you have been repentant and faithful in the Father’s Commandment, you will be spared from destruction.

12 Pray each day.

13 Make your life a life of prayer, whether you are of the clergy or the laity.

14 Pray that Yahweh keep you and your family, and all your brothers and sisters, including your neighbors and all religious leaders of truth in your prayers.

15 Pray for sinners and false religious leaders; pray for their conversion.

16 Make a habit of reading the Scriptures every day.

17 Gain an adequate knowledge of the Scriptures so you will know how to defend your faith to those who revile you, and in the darker days ahead.

18 The Holy Spirit will give you knowledge and provide you with a means to retain accurate knowledge of the Father’s Way.

19 The Eternal Father Yahweh is with those who walk faithfully in His Way.