Chapter 4 – July 11, 2019

1 The word of the Father came to David and Aaron through the Archangel Michael.

2 He said, David and Aaron, beloved servants of Messiah, give these words to the sheep of Yeshua.

3 To the beloved remnant of my Lord, peace be unto you.

4 The importance of prayer, especially in these dark days, can not be emphasized enough.

5 Prayer is a lifeline for each of you to reach the Father through His Son and with the Holy Spirit.

6 Pray daily.

7 Go into your quiet chamber, your prayer room, a dedicated closet or a corner set aside for praying and devoting time to the Father, His Son and the angels.

8 If you have the physical ability, kneel in prayer, bow your head, and close your eyes when praying.

9 When praising the Father, raise your hands with palms facing the Father.

10 When petitioning Yahweh the Father, extend your hands with palms upward to symbolize the receiving of the blessings.

11 Keep your mind on that which is heavenly, instead of those things from the world.

12 The Heavenly Father and His angelic servants bring peace and true wisdom, but the world only seeks to induce your mind to worry and darkness.

13 Always make time for prayer.

14 A gift will be provided to you to help in your daily prayer, which will serve as a garland upon your head, placed there by the Holy Spirit for the faithful.

15 Lift up your head and give praise to the Father; He will give you hope, for He is the rock of your salvation.